STREEQT For The Journey

Streeqt is a FREE Global Alert System
that is here to help us stay safe.
Streeqt Journeys is here to let you plan your journeys.
Streeqt Notifications (a Global Alert System) will send you any relevant alerts to the area you're in, issued by any Streeqt registered Authority when you are either locally or in any point on your planned journey. We do not pull any data from your device, we only push notifications. Streeqt Notifications are being sent in real time to your connected device and they start coming to you as soon as you register.

Do you commute, have properties or offices, or even more important do you have loved ones in different locations? No worries, you can subscribe to get alerts from any location.

No more being unprepared. Know before. Up-to-date always, everywhere, anytime.

Pro-actively implementing a safer & smarter Society 4.0
Pro-actively fighting any pandemic/emergency/crisis
Because safety matters

Our world won't be the same again, we all know that by now. And with all that in mind we decided to do our bit in helping everyone stay safe at home, locally or when it must travel, near or far, by creating something simple to keep us up-to-date in real time.
A free connected safety assistant that starts doing things for you since before you are leaving home by sending you any warnings that have been issued by the authorities.

NON-Intrusive, NO Contact tracing, NO Fake news, NO Noise, NO Sale
NO NON-SENSE Safety 1st

Building a safer future by building a safer journey into the future.

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How it works

1. Create a FREE account

Streeqt is a free service, there is no fee or charge at any time for non-commercial accounts.

2. Start receiving notifications

As soon as you register you'll start receiving local, regional or national notifications.

3. Plan your journey

Add your journey and include any location you might reach.

4. Start receiving notifications

As soon as you'll add your journey you'll start receiving notifications for all locations on your journey.

Travel SAFE | Travel SMART | Travel CONNECTED

Before and throughout your journey if anything changes - i.e. the authorities issue warnings, change travel regulations, add recommendations or any other relevant information - you will be notified in real time for as long as your device is connected or you'll receive them when it comes back online.

All the notifications, alerts, warnings, recommendations and any other information is being provided to you by Government bodies, Authorities or relevant Organizations.

At the end of your journey, after 72 hours, all journey details will be automatically deleted from the system.

Streeqt is a Progressive Web App, which means that NO DOWNLOAD and NO INSTALL required. But you can add it to your home screen for easier access.
You missed a notfication? No worries, all notifications are always available in your account, on Dashboard and Notifications, as soon as they come in.


NO Emails
NO Contact tracing
NO Download
NO Install

What Streeqt is not

  • Streeqt is NOT a mass-media news website, neither a booking nor a ticket reservation website, we're working closely with Government bodies, Public authorities and Organizations to provide you with relevant information, warnings, recommendations, instructions, advice and more.

    So NO fake news or any other such things.

Safety & Emergency

More features are already on their way. Just to keep you safe.

Stay safe wherever you are.