Private Sector

If you'd like to use Streeqt services internally in your organization please contact us for a quote.

Streeqt Alerts can be applied in any scenario where realtime notifications are required. Streeqt services offer one-way and two-way communication so you can notify your employees, business partners or almost anyone for that matter, in realtime, if you need to. And this goes not only in case of emergency. Get rid of emails, aliases, sms, messaging apps that create endless conversations in which everything is lost. If there's something important that must get to your staff use the smartest way. In a two-way communication you can engage as mentioned above with your customers, business partners in the simplest way possible and you can get feedback instantly about the action being taken, or not.
No more "I didn't know", no more "I didn't received that", confirmation without the use of unbelievable amounts of tools and services.
Be efficient and effective as this is how you'll increase productivity and save money. Nowadays this translates directly into competitive advantage and can make the difference when it's about survival in these extremely dynamic and everchanging markets.
To name but a few, Streeqt can be used in a factory, by a security company, in marketing and e-commerce, in a sports club, in an agency, in a big store or network of stores, in a warehouse, in transport, in hospitality and tourism or anywhere else where a notification can spare, a journey, a long message in a long thread, a text message to each member, an alert in case of specific events, a confirmation of an action is required and so on. All this, literally at your finger tip, click Send and it's done. As simple as that. Tech magic ;)

Streeqt services let you bring all your staff. Everything on Streeqt is private.
And on the plus side, Streeqt is a Progressive Web App, which means no IT stress with downloads, installations and all the other stuff. More savings, again ;)

More detailed information, examples and case studies are in progress but we're looking forward to collaborating with you already.

Streeqt Team