Public Sector

The service it's FREE if you'd like to use it to send notifications to the public. However, if you'd like to use Streeqt services internally in your organization please contact us for a quote.

Streeqt Alerts can be applied in any scenario where realtime notifications are required: Emergency Services, Health, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Education, MET Office to name but a few. For internal use the service is not free but you can request a free account here if you'd like to use our service to notify the public in your area, residents and tourists alike, in case of emergency or not. Public notifications are free and we strongly advise you to register at least for the free service as you'll also get anonymous data about social movements and as a consequence it will put you in a better position in terms of preparation. This is especially useful for you if the degree of social mobility in your area is high.
If you are a Local Authority your notifications will propagate locally. If you are a National Authority your notifications will propagate nationally but you can issue alerts and send notifications to any of your administrative sub-units. Your notifications will be sent to residents or tourisits, or both if they either live in the area or travel to the area. So you can, if need be, to control up to a certain level the social movement be it internal or external through notifications that can keep the public safe.
As we know, "fail to prepare, prepare to fail". Well, here comes in Streeqt, with the data we provide you're in a considerable much better position when it comes to preparing for an emergency or when things get hot and you need to respond to a critical situation. Serve and protect your citizens and guests.

Streeqt services offer you one-way or two-way communication and you can bring all your staff. Everything on Streeqt is private.

More detailed information, examples and case studies are in progress but we're looking forward to collaborating with you already, taking into accout what's happening around us.

Streeqt Team